Total Experience Winter Webinar

Showcasing cool new innovations across Trade Promotion Optimisation, On-Device Offline Mobile Experience and Digital Asset Management

Today, customer and employee interactions are increasingly taking place via mobile, virtual and distributed channels which makes it impossible for many businesses to keep up. To stay competitive, businesses need to deliver a Total Experience (TX) that is people-centric and combines customer experience, employee experience, and user experience together with a collective focus on business outcomes.

Check out this webinar where Aforza's CEO, Dominic Dinardo, and Chief Product Officer, Nick Eales, showcase how to deliver a Total Experience with cool new innovations in our Winter 22 Release across:

  • Trade Promotion Planning & Optimisation
  • On-Device Offline Mobile Experience
  • Digital Asset Management

Our Featured Speakers


Dominic Dinardo

 CEO, Aforza


Nick Eales

Chief Product Officer, Aforza

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